Visit Anchorage: get ready for USS Anchorage port call May 1-5!

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The USS Anchorage (LPD23) Commission Ceremony will be held in Anchorage, Alaska on May 4, 2013. This will be the first United States Navy (USN) ship to be commissioned in the state of Alaska. Previous ships bearing local names are the USS Anchorage (1967-2003) the USS Juneau and four ships titled USS Alaska (including the Ohio-class nuclear submarine now in service). 


© Clark James Mishler

The ship will be available for public, school, and educational tours. The crew will accommodate for groups with special needs. Private groups will be able to reserve time with the crew for tours. Several receptions will be held throughout the week including the Captain’s reception, the Sponsor’s reception, and the Commissioning Ceremony.

BIG CHANGE!! The USS Anchorage will arrive in Anchorage around Apr. 25, 2013 May 1, 2013 for tours and to prepare for the ceremony on May 4. Plan now to visit the ship, attend the Commissioning Ceremony and to welcome sailors and their families during their visit.


No visit to Anchorage is complete without a trip to the Anchorage Museum. New exhibits at the Anchorage Museum include “Portrait Alaska: Clark James Mishler“. 

I’ve known Clark for a long time. Here’s how the folks at the Museum say it:

A commercial photographer specializing in location portraiture, Mishler’s work is represented in the Anchorage Museum collection and has appeared in hundreds of books and periodicals including National Geographic and Time. In 2007 he published the well-received book Anchorage, Life at the Edge of the Frontier.

“Many Alaska photographers are focused on the landscape and wildlife. They want to get away from the city stuff, away from people,” Mishler said. “I’m just the opposite. I’m drawn to people because I find them to be the most interesting animal.”

I stopped in on Saturday to get a copy of Clark’s new book “Portrait Alaska”. You should pick up a  copy when you’re there!



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