Awesome Pan-Atigun Photo Safari in the Brooks Range!

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atigunWe had a GREAT visit with our friends at Northern Alaska Tour Company in Fairbanks. Then we took off for Coldfoot Camp. You’ll recall it’s the

Danielle, Mary and our guide, Jason Smith, went on our “Pan-Atigun” road trip!

world’s northernmost truck stop–of “Ice Road Truckers” fame. After standing outside looking at northern lights (they are awesome if you can stay up that late!!), we went with Jason Smith in the van for a road trip up to Atigun Pass–the highest point on the “Haul Road” (aka the Dalton Highway) between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay. We saw wildlife. We saw the Pipeline. We saw real-live Ice Road Truckers.

Coldfoot Camp is a great spot for watching the northern lights. And Jason (right) has a team of sled dogs so you can mush through the countryside. Check out the whole album…which we uploaded HERE. While you’re at it, check out the “Ice Alaska” album (12 photos)on the ice carvings in Fairbanks. AWESOME. TOTALLY AWESOME. 

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