Alaska TourSaver®

What’s the best travel deal in Alaska? Just ask me. I’ll tell you: The Alaska TourSaver. It’s the fun little 2-for-1 coupon book that we produce. Check the website here: . We even have an APP for both iPhone and Android!

There are 2-for-1 deals for everything you want to do: flightseeing, cruises, hotels, lodges, rental cars, train rides, raft trips, fishing, fishing and some more fishing. Everybody loves to save money. This is your big chance. We sell the book for $99.95 and there’s more than $20,000 in travel savings. Learn more here!

Never miss a hot airfare deal again #AirFare911 Direct

Many of the BEST airfare deals are time-sensitive. With #AirFare911 Direct, you’ll never miss a hot airfare deal again. Plans start for as little as $5 per month.


Just last week, I sent out bulletins for $99 deals to Asia (Honolulu-Osaka one-way) and $70 deals to Europe (San Francisco-Copenhagen/Frankfurt/London) . No. Really!

Other recent text alerts included low-low first class fares to Seattle, bargain rates on nonstops to Phoenix + Las Vegas…even $199 fares to AUSTRALIA (on JetStar).

OK, once more…then I really have to go: CLICK THE BUTTON:

Big shout-out to my Chief Inspiration Office, Lorena Knapp, for putting together a SPECIAL PAGE for FAQs and other important information on this program. Drop me a note at [email protected] or you can TEXT me at +1(907)727-1113.

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