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The best airfare deals from Alaska and the world delivered directly to your cellphone.

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What you’ll get:

As an Airfare911 subscriber, you’ll get the best airfare deals delivered directly to your cellphone. Some of these deals are so fantastic they only last a few hours. You can’t afford to wait. These text alerts will tell you the city pairs, the airlines, and the dates of travel so you can purchase your tickets before the deal is gone.

Two different subscription options so you can choose the plan that works best for you.



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  • Airfare911 text alerts delivered to your phone
  • First to know fares
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Downloadable Airfare911 Decoder Guide
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What Our Subscribers Say About Airfare 911

Great program and the texts are about right in frequency.
Ken Miller, Anchorage
I like that I got the tip and not a lot of other info. Thanks for no spam and the heads up right away so if I had wanted to take advantage of the airfare I could do so. Keep on the good work!!
Trish Stuart, Emory, TX
I have a quirky fascination with travel destinations and I simply like knowing what is out there. Many times I research a destination and plan a “pretend” trip, in case we ever get there. I share these notices with my husband and a lively conversations often takes place and we are happy just to be “in the know."
Jeanne, Anchorage
I LOVE it! It’s become a dangerous obsession in our household. In fact, this very morning, I booked tickets for our family to Paris, courtesy of the amazing American Airline Airfare911 that came across- $1700 for four. The actual fare was $50. Unreal! I would never have found this deal on my own, merci beaucoup for your pointer. All of the alerts, both international and domestic, have been totally worthwhile- thanks for not sending a bunch of ‘meh’ fares.
Michelle Larroque, Anchorage
This is so great! Because now I don’t have to troll the internet when I’m looking for flight deals. Personally, I’d love to get a text every day!
Megan, Anchorage

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you send out an Airfare911 Text? 

I send out a deal as they come up. It will usually be between ten and twenty texts a month.

Do I have to have a “smartphone” to receive the info?

No. Any phone will do, as long as you can receive text messages. We are also only able to offer this service to nine digit US numbers (not international telephone numbers).

Do I have to pay to get the info?  

No, I still push the good fares in the Alaska TravelGram newsletter but Airfare 911 is the best way to ensure you get the fare. The fares often don’t last long and the text will give you all the pertinent information so you can book immediately.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We’ve got a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the service, just let us know, and we’ll unsubscribe you. Easy-peasy.

What information do you send out in the texts? 

We send out the cities (most deals start in Alaska), dates, the airline, and the price. All you need to do is go to the airline’s website and buy your tickets. We also have a downloadable Airfare911 Decoder Guide so you can understand our “text speak” and know the exact search parameters to find and book the deal.

If you have technical questions, email Lorena.

If you have questions about fares, email Scott.