Hi. My name is Scott McMurren.

I’ve published the Alaska Travelgram each week since 1999. It’s a fun project–all about travel around the state…and around the world.

I’m an Alaska travel expert, with 30 years’ experience in the travel business–primarily in Anchorage. I’ve lived here for 39 years with my wife, our kids and our dog, Roo. We love Alaska. Oh–the picture to the right includes our two lovely dogs, Tanya and Penny. Both of them died last year–within four months. They were both 14 years old…and I like to think we were kind to them. We took them for walks…they slept on the couch…they loved us and we loved them. I pray they rest in peace. Roo (the little “min-pin” in the middle) now is the Queen Bee. She learned a lot from Tanya and Penny…as did we all.  She misses them…and we do, too. Y’know…dogs are important. Ahem. <crying>

In  Alaska Travelgram, you’ll see I mention the 2-for-1 travel coupon book, the Alaska TourSaver. It’s a great book–check it out:www.toursaver.com .

The Alaska Travelgram is published in Anchorage, Alaska. Contact us: [email protected]

The “mission” of the Alaska Travelgram is to provide “news you can use” about new travel destinations, hot travel deals, special insider knowledge on when and how to get the best deals, and other items of interest to travelers. I consider travel to be the first leg of diplomacy–so I am a real evangelist for the art and practice of traveling–whether it’s around Alaska or around the world.

Another big part of the travel experience is sharing great stories about who we meet, where we travel and the journey itself. We think new thoughts, eat new foods and dream new dreams.

The Alaska Travelgram does not accept third-party banner ads, pay-per-click ads (such as Google Ads), commission or affiliate links (such as Amazon.com). No pop-up or pop-under ads. No “paid placement”. No surprise re-directs. We do not sell, rent, give away or provide your email address or IP address to anyone.

IMPORTANT: The Alaska Travelgram solicits advertising sponsorships and other forms of compensation from appropriate vendors. That means I have a “material connection” with the companies or individuals you read about in the Alaska Travelgram. Sponsors (advertisers) are selected based on my travel industry expertise and how I think the information will benefit travelers. Below is a partial list of the companies I’ve worked with.

Accordingly, this compensation influences the topics mentioned in the Alaska Travelgram. Most, but not all, of the content in the Alaska Travelgram is produced as part of a sponsorship package.

Does that make the information less credible? I don’t think so. But that is a question for you, the reader. Is there an opportunity for a conflict of interest? Sure. But working with editors, collaborators, employers, friends and colleagues over the years has taught me to be as straightforward as possible.

To me, the practice and passion of traveling is a big part of who I am. I just came across a great quote here–and I wanted to share it with you:

“The Journey knows what the Traveler does not.”

So–join me on the journey! It’s worth it! –Scott McMurren

Here are some of the companies (sponsors) I work with in conjunction with the Alaska Travelgram:

Alaska Airlines
Alaska Dispatch News

Ravn Alaska
University of Alaska Museum of the North
Alaska Aviation Museum
Alaska Railroad
Alyeska Resort
Major Marine Tours
Alaska Collection (Kenai Fjords Tours, Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge)
Northern Alaska Tour Company
Travel Juneau
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau
Explore Fairbanks

Visit Anchorage
Rust’s Flying Service/K2 Aviation
Era Flightseeing
Alaska Travel Adventures
Alaska Marine Highway
Cook Islands Tourism Corp.
ABC Travel Time
Alaska Travel Source
Land’s End Resort
Katmailand, Inc.
Stillpoint Lodge
Avis Alaska
Stephens Cruises and Tours
UnCruise Adventures
Kennicott Glacier Lodge

Across the Bay Adventure Company
Princess Alaska Lodges
HAP Alaska Yukon
Phillips Cruises and Tours
Glacier Brewhouse
Alaska State Parks
Alaska SeaLife Center
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Knik River Lodge
Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau
Port of Anchorage
Condor German Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airlines
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Alaska Travel Industry Assn.
Alaska Wildland Adventures
Inlet Tower Hotel
Ted Stevens Anchorage Int’l Airport
Air Russia

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