Club 49 sale: Anchorage-Seattle $45 o/w and other delights

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LIVE: from Waikiki (nonstop from Anchorage via Alaska Air)

Are you a Club 49 member? To celebrate 10 years of Club 49, Alaska Air is offering a one-time 49 percent off savings code. The rules say two people must travel together.

IMPORTANT: Purchase no later than Sunday night at 10:59 p.m. 11/14. PRO TIP: Don’t wait until then. DO IT NOW. You have 24 hours to change your mind with NO penalty.

SAMPLE SAVINGS (checked and booked by Scott at 3:51 p.m. on  11/12/2021):

Anchorage-Seattle $45 o/w when 2 people fly together (I know…INSANE!)

Anchorage-Portland $66 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-Los Angeles $76 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-Las Vegas $81 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-San Francisco $76 o/w per person

Anchorage-Phoenix $83 o/w per person (nonstop)

Anchorage-Denver $79 o/w per person

Anchorage-Tampa $76 o/w per person

Anchorage-Kansas City $74 o/w per person

Anchorage-Chicago $85 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-Honolulu $112 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-Maui $118 o/w per person nonstop

Anchorage-Cabo San Lucas $294 ROUNDTRIP

Anchorage-Puerto Vallarta $317 ROUNDTRIP

Anchorage-Belize City $419 ROUNDTRIP

Here’s how to get it (only available to Club 49 members):

1. Go to the Alaska Airlines home page. 

2. Sign in to your account.

3. On the pull-down menu, click on “Discount and companion fare codes” “Valid”

4. Click on SHOP next to “49 percent off for Club 49 members”.

Purchase by Nov. 14. Fly between 11/14-5/5. Applies to certain days of the week.

Blackout Dates: November 18 – 29, December 16 – 31, 2021, January 1 – 4, April 2, 9, 16, 2022.

Additional blackout dates for travel from Alaska: March 2-19, 2022

Additional blackout dates for travel to Alaska: March 10-26, 2022

Fares are subject to change without notice. And they change all the time. REMEMBER: purchase by 10:59 p.m. 11/14/21. PRO TIP: Don’t wait until them.

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