RIP Hobo Jim, Alaska’s Balladeer. A remembrance.

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Jim “Hobo Jim” Varsos on location in Homer.

A few years ago, we produced a commercial down in Homer for Land’s End Resort. We featured Hobo Jim in the shoot. So there were a couple of days where we followed him around with a camera. To the Spit. To the Salty Dawg. Out in a boat. 

It was great to work with him—I’ve always been a big fan of his.

After receiving the tragic news of his death, the cinematographer, Steve Rychetnik, composed a wonderful tribute to Jim. Much of the footage he used was from the time we spent together in Homer. 

CLICK THROUGH to watch Steve’s tribute video.

Jim lived many lives—and always had a love affair with Alaska. Watch Steve’s tribute to Hobo Jim.

RIP Jim “Hobo Jim” Varsos. 

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