A-h-h-h….Fairbanks in the Fall

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Strolling around the lake at the Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary in Fairbanks.

Make your way to the Golden Heart City while the leaves are out. Granted, the early snow stripped off some of the yellow and gold leaves. But it’s oh-so-beautiful.

Strolling through the Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary in Fairbanks.

There’s a beautiful wildlife sanctuary in town (Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary ), near the Creamer’s Field area. It’s behind the Wedgewood Resort, near the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. CLICK HERE for more info. Check it out. You can walk around the lake in less than 30 minutes.

1931 Duesenberg on display at the Fountainhead Museum.

The car museum, btw, is back on winter hours: Wednesdays and Sundays only. Check it out. Visiting the Antique Auto Wizard, Willy, he points out the new/old 1931 Duesenberg on display. INCREDIBLE. Willy, Tim and the whole crew do a great job at the museum. All the cars are in tip-top shape (and road-worthy!). Then there’s the period fashions and the Alaska stories of cars in the early days. I get lost in the museum each time I visit. You will, too. Another one of my favorites is the 1917 Model T “Snow Flyer”. Dig the skis and tracks….the first snowmachine!!

1917 Model T “Snow Flyer”

It’s right next to the Wedgewood Resort , which offers a 15 percent discount to Alaska Travelgram readers (use discount code FHH15). The discount also is good at the sister property, Sophie Station. And while you’re at Sophie Station…I recommend Zach’s Restaurant in general…and the corned beef hash in particular. HA. I had it two mornings in a row! 

Taken in mid-September by Aaron Lojewski, Fairbanks Aurora Tours.

The leaves are pretty in Fairbanks….but the real action is after dark. Take a tour with Fairbanks Aurora Tours. Lead guide Aaron Lojewski is a great photographer…and he has a knack for leading you to where the lights are blazing! Check out these photos!

Oktoberfest at Hoo Doo Brewing!

Beer Geeks Unite! Your home in Fairbanks is Hoo Doo Brewing. Usually I get the IPA, but it’s OKTOBERFEST right now. If you’re in the neighborhood, please pick me up a four-pak and I’ll meet you somewhere. HAHA. Added bonus: FOOD TRUCKS. When I visited last week, there was a Filipino Food Truck. I still have no idea what I ordered, but it was delicious! Two thumbs up.

Another lovely brewpub: Lat 65. The brewmeister is another geek…try a flight the next time you visit.

Giant bowhead whale skeleton at Museum of the North.

Did I mention the Museum of the North on the UAF campus? Whoa. In addition to the contemporary and historical exhibits…let your eyes drift up to the full-scale whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling!! What’s great is the staircase leading to the second floor gives you a chance to get an up-close look at the HUGE jawbones from the bowhead whale. It’s worth the visit just for that.

Making wooden bowls from Alaska trees!

CRAFTSMEN AT WORK. Check out the Great Alaskan Bowl Company over by the airport. This family enterprise has been carving hardwood bowls from Alaslka trees for a long time. They’ve also got beer steins, salad tongs and just a h-u-g-e variety of bowls, bowls, bowls. Definitely worth a visit. Ask for Emily Berriochoa and tell her I said “Hi!”

Alaska-sized steins … perfect for Oktoberfest!
Jane and one of her 14 reindeer at Running Reindeer Ranch!

Hey—who wants to run with the reindeer? Actually, it’s more of a stroll through the woods with “Running Reindeer Ranch”. I stopped by to visit with Doug and Jane to learn the story of their 14 reindeer. It all started with their daughter…who desperately wanted a reindeer for a pet. But I won’t spoil it for you. FUN story. Don’t miss it. 

Photo by Aaron Lojewski, Fairbanks Aurora Tours

Now is a good time to visit Fairbanks. They…um…..will leave “the lights” on just for you!

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