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Denali…captured from the deck of the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.

Traveling to Talkeetna is one of my favorite trips. I was headed north to Fairbanks and stopped along the way—in time to check out some cool things as fall approaches.

Sunset on the deck.

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. The lodge now is closed for the season…but will reopen in March for Spring Break. I love it here because it sits on a ridge just outside of downtown. But the VIEW of the Alaska Range is spectacular. And yes, you can see Denali from the Mountain View rooms….but it’s so much better out on the deck. My hands were freezing so I had to go back inside a couple of times and warm them by the giant fireplace!

One of K2s Beavers. On the left in the background is one of K2’s Otters…similar to Talkeetna Air Taxi’s Otter on the right.

K2 Aviation. You’ve gotta go flightseeing with these folks. Depending on the time of year, you can land on the glacier. THAT IS EPIC. But flying around the mountain, especially on a bluebird day, is spectacular.

Getting an e-bike from North Shore Cyclery

North Shore Cyclery. It’s right across the street from K2’s office at the airport. You can’t miss it….there are a thousand bikes in the front yard. HAHA.

You can rent a summer bike, a fat-tire bike, an e-bike….as well as all manner of winter gear (skis, snowshoes, etc) .  I got an e-bike last time….REALLY fun ride out to see Lorena at her house. I positively ZIPPED up the hill. REALLY COOL.

Inside Mimi’s Haus of Cheese

Mimi’s Haus of Cheese. Just off of Main Street, Mimi has an eclectic collection of meats and cheeses and all manner of fun gifts. My favorite purchase, tho’, is the “Solo Traveler” lunch. Served with crackers and some mustard, it’s a lovely collection of fresh fruit, cheese and meat. LOVE IT.

Don’t forget your cookie at Mimi’s Haus of Cheese (SMILEY FACE!).
A “flight” of beer from Denali Brewing!

Denali Brewing. This place is EPIC. There’s a bar downtown….I got a “flight” of delicious beer there. But near the “Y” is their Taproom. That’s where they have AWESOME pizzas. Don’t miss it.

The Tasting Room has the best pizza!

Talkeetna Historical Society Museum

Talkeetna Historical Society Museum. Just off of Main Street, the museum hosts a multitude of historic photos and exhibits from the town’s early days. Especially popular is the huge diorama of Denali. Don’t miss it! Winter hours: Sat-Sun 11a-4p. 

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