Big Wheels Rollin’

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James Gaddis and I set the RV up next to the Mighty Alaska Railroad for scale.

I took one of the RVs from Alaska Travel Adventures for a test-drive last week. Just getting a feel for the big rig between here and Talkeetna. At 30-feet long, there’s plenty of room to move inside the rig. There’s the cab-over bedroom, plus a queen bed in the back. A head. A shower. A range. A microwave. A TV. There’s a slide-out that essentially doubles the size of the living room…and a nice awning that rolls out on the other side.

Me? I was most interested in where to park. There are a few nice spots up in Talkeetna. But I just parked it in my friend’s front yard. No….seriously. I was walking around before stumbling into North Shore Cyclery, where I picked up a fat bike to cruise around on. NICE! The shop is right across from K2 Aviation by the airport. It’s a great shop–they have all sorts of bikes for rent, including some “e-bikes” that you can use to cruise down to Denali Brewing at Mile 2 on the Talkeetna Spur Rd. I am not making this up! Oh…they’ll call you a cab for the return trip.

We’ve got some more #RoadTrip adventures planned for the summer. Me? I’m looking at YouTube videos about dump stations. HAHA.

This was the first time I’ve driven an RV. It’s got power, too. Stay tuned for more road trips from #MyRVLife !

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