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These fares will disappear in three days. Alaska Air has more destinations, more seats, etc. Good deals for travel through May 17, 2018 (some blackouts around Thanksgiving, Christmas). Dontchya love the shot (above) of the Stearman? We chased it over Zachar Bay on Kodiak Island a few years ago.

MOST fares on Delta and United are BASIC ECONOMY, which does not include advance seats assignments. THAT MEANS YOU WILL BE SITTING IN A MIDDLE SEAT. Alaska Air allows advance seat assignments on all fares. Plus, when you fly on ALASKA AIR, which has the most PFD deals of anyone, you’ll earn mileage on a mileage plan that actually MEANS something.

ALL FARES ROUNDTRIP, including tax

Between Anchorage and
Seattle $199rt Alaska/Delta NONSTOP
Portland $263rt Delta starts Oct 22
San Jose, CA $305rt Alaska starts Nov 4
Sacramento $259rt Delta
Los Angeles/LAX $278rt Alaska NONSTOP
Phoenix $327rt Delta
Albuquerque $359rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Denver $319rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Salt Lake City $363rt Alaska starts Oct 29
Billings $362rt United  starts Oct 29
Boise $314rt Alaska Oct 31
Austin $379rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Dallas: Love Field or DFW $379rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Bismark $363rt Delta starts Oct 29
Minneapolis $345rt Delta starts Oct 29 NONSTOP
Chicago $361rt Alaska starts Oct 31 NONSTOP
Washington DC/Dulles $385rt Alaska starts Oct 22
Baltimore $399rt United starts Oct 31
Boston $353rt Delta starts Oct 22
New York/JFK $393rt Delta starts Oct 31
Ft. Myers, FL $409rt Delta starts Oct 28
St Louis $399rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Kansas City $339rt United starts Oct 31 , $349rt Alaska
Des Moines $363rt Delta starts Oct 30
Sioux Falls, SD $367rt Delta starts Oct 29
Memphis $400rt Delta starts Oct 31
Detroit $399rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Columbus OH or Cleveland OH $409rt United starts Oct 22…more

Between Fairbanks and

Seattle $197rt Alaska/Delta starts Oct 31
Portland $275rt Alaska starts Oct 22
Sacramento $304rt Delta starts Oct 23
San Francisco/San Jose $302rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Los Angeles/LAX $296rt Delta starts Oct 23
San Diego $324rt Delta starts Oct 23 ($340rt on Alaska)
Las Vegas $278rt Alaska/Delta starts Oct 31
Phoenix $318rt Delta starts Oct 23
Albuquerque $358rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Salt Lake City $364rt Alaska/Delta starts Oct 29
Denver $318rt Alaska/Delta starts Oct 31
Minneapolis $398rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Chicago $397rt Alaska starts Oct 31
Kansas City $358rt Alaska
St Louis $398rt Alaska
Detroit $398rt Alaska
Dallas $378rt Alaska
Austin $378rt Alaska
Houston $398rt Alaska
Boston $358rt Delta
Newark $418rt Alaska
Washington DC/Dulles $398rt Alaska
Baltimore $398rt starts Nov 7
Ft Lauderdale $414rt Delta starts Oct 31…more

Between Juneau and

Seattle $197rt Alaska (actually, ALL the fares to/from Juneau are Alaska Air)
Portland $278rt
San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland $301rt
Los Angeles/LAX $298rt
Denver $318rt
Las Vegas $278rt
Chicago $397rt
Newark $418rt
Baltimore $398rt
Washington DC/Dulles $398rt…more

REMEMBER: G-r-e-a-t PFD fares available from most Alaska Airlines JET destinations in Alaska: Bethel, Kodiak, Cordova, Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, Wrangell, Petersburg, Ketchikan, Sitka, Yakutat, etc. Purchase by Oct 12, 2017.

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