Kodiak: Alaska’s Emerald Isle

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Whoa. What a great week on Kodiak, Alaska’s Emerald Isle. That was the site for the ATIA convention (Alaska Travel Industry Assn.). And it was very nice of our hosts to roll out the good weather.

Check out the story I did for the Alaska Dispatch News (click here).

Our team stayed at the Cliff House B-n-B, run by Marty + Marion Owen. If you’re there in the summer, you can go on their lovely dinner cruise, Galley Gourmet. You can count on seeing some critters—and munching on some delicious seafood.

Because we were “working” the convention, we only had a little bit of time to explore the countryside and take some photos. Here are some of my favorite Kodiak tips:

1. Harborside Coffee. Fronting the harbor, these guys have the best coffee in town. That is all.

2. Kodiak Island Brewing. I ran into brewmeister Ben Millstein at one of our receptions at the brewpub. He was pretty excited about the special beers he rolled out for the masses. But I still like the North Pacific Ale. Don’t miss a chance to try the Liquid Sunshine, tho’. Marty Owen’s favorite is Night Watch Porter. Uh…all sold out!

3. Kodiak Hana Restaurant. This is the “Old Powerhouse” restaurant right on the water. The chef “Tomisan” is a classically trained sushi chef. The fish is SUPER-fresh since they bring it over from the harbor next door! I got the “3B” which included about four kinds of fish. Delicious!

4. Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. This is where I took my best photos. It’s the locals’ favorite place to go for a hike!

Click through to see the photos. And make plans to visit Kodiak!

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