Alaska Aviation Museum: Summer Eve w/the Smithsonian THU AUG 10!

In Anchorage, Destination by scott

Join us at the Alaska Aviation Museum (on the shores of Lake Hood, next to Rust’s Flying Service) for a Smithsonian evening featuring “Art of the Airport Tower,” with museum curator and photographer Carolyn Russo from the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Pilot and author Gayle Ranney from Cordova AK,   will offer readings from her newly published book, T-Craft Tales.

Her book is the unvarnished truth of the joys, dangers, and obstacles overcome with achieving her dream as one of a handful of women bush pilots in Alaska.

Russo came to Alaska for the Smithsonian in 1993 to photograph bush pilots Ellen Paneok (1959- 2008) and Gayle Ranney for Women and Flight: Portraits of Contemporary Pilots. This will be Russo’s first time back in the state of Alaska.

Russo traveled to 85 airports in 23 countries to capture images of these towers.

“Airport traffic control towers have a powerful presence—they watch over the vastness of the airport and sky,” said Russo. “I saw them as the unsung heroes of the airport landscape and tried to elevate them beyond their height and amazing architecture.”

WHEN: 6:00pm,  THIS THURSDAY  August 10.
WHERE: Alaska Aviation Museum, 4721 Aircraft Dr., Anchorage, AK 99502

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