Pork cheeks in a root beer glaze at the Cedarleaf restaurant

Sleepless in (South) Seattle

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Yep, it’s true: I worked myself into a shopping frenzy down in Seattle: Southcenter Mall, IKEA, Costco (drive-by only) and a host of other retail establishments. I stayed at the Cedarbrook Lodge and visited the Museum of Flight, the beach at Des Moines and a fancy coffee shop in Burien. This is the beat for those who cover Seattle Southside (the airport-close cities of Sea-Tac, Tukwila and DesMoines).

Did I remember to flash my Alaska driver’s license to avoid the sales tax? Yes. Did I rent my car downtown to avoid the airport car rental tax? Yes. Did I enjoy a v-e-r-y nice dinner at Cedarleaf restaurant at the hotel? Yes. Think farm-to-table. Really nice meal. Check out the slide show!

I spent a lot of time on the light rail to downtown, because when I first went to pick up the car, it was closed. So, I took the train back to the hotel…and they came and got me in the shuttle. It’s a three-minute drive, but the Cedarbrook Lodge is set in an 18-acre nature preserve. You’re literally in the woods—but you could walk over to the airport. #Truth That’s one of the reasons Alaska Airlines has a lot of conferences there. I will stay there again if I have an overnight layover. Very nice place.

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