Ketchikan: Alaska’s First City

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I’m not sure Ketchikan was the ACTUAL first city in Alaska, but it’s the first one most visitors see when they’re arriving by boat!

I flew in. On Alaska Air. Did I mention? #IFlyAlaska In fact, on the flight from Seattle, there were about 24 of us. The flight attendant, as we were getting off, said “I hope you all enjoyed your private jet flight from Seattle.” HAHA. True story!!

Lately, my first stop in Ketchikan (after the ferry-to-nowhere from the airport to town) is to drive north to Clover Pass. My friends Jeff and Nadra Wedekind have a great lodge right on the water, Chinook Shores. They have a bunch of nice boats that folks take out to the fishing grounds to harvest salmon and halibut. Once they come back, the kids chop up the fish and throw it in the freezer…ready to take back home. It’s a great system. Unfortunately, they were full. So, I slept on the couch. HA Not only did they give me an extra blanket, but they gave me a squirt bottle to nail the cats…and a Claritin (I’m allergic to their cats…all three of them. Sigh).

This is probably my 20th trip to Ketchikan. I love it: the Misty Fjords flights with Taquan Air, the ziplines, the fishing (with Jeff). I’ve even taken the IFA over to Prince of Wales. But I didn’t have time for that this time.

So, my friend Johnny Rice flew over from Craig—and we went flying for the afternoon. EPIC! We flew around the mountain where they’re exploring for rare earth minerals on PoW, buzzed a fancy fishing lodge (Waterfall Resort) and saw some beautiful sights.

Did I mention how COOL it is to have a friend with a plane? On the ground, in the air or on the water, Ketchikan is a great place to visit. Here’s the official link:

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