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It was a pretty day in Juneau, so I worked hard to make the best of it. My first stop was the Mt. Roberts Tramway. Folks, if you haven’t taken the ride up the mountain, change your life so you can do it right away. I’ve made a couple of Christmas cards with the photos I’ve taken there. It’s a family favorite—and it’s the quickest way to get high—really high—in Juneau. My helicopter friends might contest this—and they’re probably right. But this is cheaper. HA.

Afterwards, I had lunch with the lovely and talented Marian Call. Marian is working on another album, but she took time out so we could dine at “Saffron”, the new Indian restaurant across from the Baranof Hotel. Very nice.

Later, Marian took me around to show off some of the community gems in Juneau. That’s in addition to the Observatory Bookstore, the Rookery Restaurant and the Sandpiper (for breakfast or lunch).

KINDRED POST features all manner of local art and whimsical design. Plus, it’s a place to pack up stuff and mail it. There are stamps, hand-printed cards, staplers, new-age instant Polaroid cameras and an antique typewriter in the window.  Also, there’s “Sentinel Coffee.” Roasted in Gustavus, I bought a bag for my hosts out in the Mendenhall Valley. Then, after TASTING IT, I got another pound for the house. DELISH. #COFFEERULZ

THE ALASKA STATE MUSEUM. Yep, it’s open. The chief curator, Addison Field, showed me around the incredible displays. There are sections on natural history, Alaska’s indigenous people  and a timeline of European involvement: first with the Russians and then the Americans. Check out the boats: the skin boats, the sailing vessels from Bristol Bay and a timeline of all the wrecked steamships along the coast! I can’t wait to return. Also, there’s a GREAT kids’ “Discovery Zone”. I’ll bet my friend Erin Kirkland, Alaska’s family travel expert, would approve!!

Check out the photos. And make plans to visit Juneau. There’s so much more to share…the beer, the pizza, the fishing, the whalewatching, the helicopter trips,  the quirky art…and that’s not EVEN talking about the legislature. No…THAT’s another story altogether!!

Before you go, check out the TravelJuneau.com site for the latest!

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