Alaska Air: Trip report, plus “Read on the Fly”

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Okay, it’s true: #IFlyAlaska. As an elite-level flyer (MVPGold), the Alaska Air system works pretty IMG_2580well for me. I took this tail-art shot (above) from the Board Room in Anchorage. Yup, I belong. In fact, I even had a real-live business-meeting while waiting for my flight (SHOCKER). My flight to Portland (AS140) was flawless, leaving on time at 12:00 Noon. Actually, we left a little early at 11:55am.

Spoiler: the new carpet at PDX is just not the same. Still, I took a photo of my shoes (right) on the carpet, fueling the senseless cult-like affectation with…yes…the carpet. I don’t know how or why it started…but…well…there you have it.

The fun part was between Portland and LAX, where I got the upgrade to “F”. A little more legroom–and some DINNER (below). I think it was a pork dish with some leeks and greens. Oh, REMEMBER to “fork the dressing” to avoid a nasty micro-pop all over your shirt.

IMG_2582 (1)

ALERT: Check out this project at the Anchorage Airport, co-sponsored by Alaska Air (along with dear friend Erin Kirkland of “Read on the Fly“.

It’s a project to get books into the hands of young readers (up to 16 years). You can read while you wait, or take along one of the donated books on your flight.

ERIN spells it out nicely in her article HERE. The program is slated to launch in June. CLICK HERE to READ ALL ABOUT IT. 

club491Remember: Club 49 members get two free checked bags on flights to or from Alaska. That’s huge! And check EACH Tuesday (tomorrow morning) for great sale fares!

BIG NEWS about the Alaska Airlines VISA card: Effective June 1, there will be NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES. Honestly, this has been a bother for me–and I’ve encouraged travelers to have another non-fee-charging card on hand for purchases outside the U.S. We welcome this change!

Also, starting on June 20, you can use your Visa card at Costco.

Have I mentioned how much I love the Alaska Air Visa card? Hey—I love it so much we have two of the cardsimgres—mostly because of the annual $119 companion pass. Actually, the companion pass can be as much as $141 depending on the taxes. But when we’re headed to Mexico at Christmas—HEY, it comes in handy! If you don’t have the card, you can get 25,000 Mileage Plan miles when you’re approved and you pay the $75 annual fee. Well worth it, IMHO.

Speaking of the Mileage Plan, it’s the best. Here’s a #TravelSecret : you can travel anywhere in the state of Alaska for as little as 15,000 miles. THAT is a deal!


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