Life on the deck. That’s summer, in Alaska…at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel!

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I <3 the new deck at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. “The Deck at Lake Hood” is waiting for you…stop in and watch the planes. Bask in the sun. Order a tall cool one. Repeat. Ya! millennium2

Stop in and check out the new menu, including some EPIC seafood tacos, Copper River smoked salmon moose….er…”mousse”. Other items include halibut and chips, Grilled Pear and Candied Walnut Salad (s-o-r-e-l-y tempted to get this!!) or the doughnut burger (NOT making this up!). I ran into good friends Rob Stapleton, Phil Stutzman and Tim Melican on the deck (right). Folks–this is FUNCTION JUNCTION! See you there!

Bring your sunglasses. Your shorts. Your sunscreen and your hat. And be prepared for some oh-so-low fly-bys from our friends at Rust’s Flying Service. That’s one of the great benefits of having a tall, cool one (try the IPA from Alaskan Brewing–ON TAP!) on the deck. PLANESPOTTING!

CONTEST: Send me a snapshot of a plane from Lake Hood (any plane…any angle…does NOT have to be from The Deck at Lake Hood). I’ll pick the one I like the best and send you a prize. WHICH prize, you may ask? Ah–it’s an all-new amenity kit from Condor‘s Comfort Class!

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