Air Fares: It’s a low fare roundup!

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Hey, who wants a good deal on air fare? You! Me! Everybody! (Above, I was flying over the North Atlantic on Icelandair and snapped this pic!) So let’s do a little rundown for fares RIGHT NOW through March, then April and finally….MAY and the summer! I always refer travelers to my friends at USTravel. They have a nice office here in Anchorage (999 E. Tudor Rd., (907)561-2434.), a well as offices in Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Prudhoe Bay, Dutch Harbor, Seattle and Spokane. They charge a ticketing fee of $38 per ticket. They’re quick, knowledgeable and local.

If you want to drill down on your own, you can check Google’s ITA flexible air fare search tool. It’s robust and flexible. Plug in your own dates–or a range of dates. You can search for one-way tickets or roundtrip. Once you get the info, you can go to the airline’s website or a travel agent to complete the deal.

Let’s get started. Remember–the fares aren’t available every day on every flight. In fact, if you travel like I do, they are ONLY available when you CANNOT go. Ya.

a. Available RIGHT NOW (Well, OK, two weeks from now. If you want to go NOW, use your miles):

Anchorage-Long Beach $390 roundtrip on USAirways. Awesome. Really, awesome.
Anchorage-Boston $479rt on United. Absolutely cheapest ticket to the East Coast from Alaska.
Anchorage-Kansas City $458rt on Alaska Airlines.
Anchorage-St. Louis $460rt on Delta Air Lines.

Anchorage-Williston, ND (think: North Dakota Oil Patch): $437rt on United.

b. Available in April: all California…all the time!

Anchorage-Los Angeles (LAX) starting April 15 $338rt on Alaska Airlines (nonstop!).
Anchorage-Orange County, CA (SNA) starting April 8 $360rt on Delta
Anchorage-Ontario, CA (ONT) starting April 8 $397rt on Dela
Anchorage-Burbank (BUR) starting April 8 $400rt on Delta
Anchorage-Sacramento (SMF) starting April 8 $398rt on Delta

c. Available in May: Par-t-a-a-a-y! Great fares all over.

Anchorage-New York May 19-30 ONLY $368rt on American
Anchorage-Long Beach, CA (LGB) $338rt on JetBlue NONSTOP starting May 17
Anchorage-Seattle starting May 16 $256rt on Alaska Airlines

UPDATE: JetBlue is extending its Anchorage-Seattle flights through Oct. 15, 2013. So–watch for great rates through mid-October!

Anchorage-Reykjavik, Iceland starting May 17 $643rt on Icelandair NONSTOP
Anchorage-Frankfurt, Germany starting May 7 $962rt on Condor NONSTOP

Fairbanks-Denver May 17-24 ONLY $298rt on Frontier Airlines NONSTOP

Folks, we’re checking these fares all the time. They change. They come. They go. They hide…we find them. So if you CAN’T find the rates, don’t give up. Send me an note . Check again in a couple of days.

And remember–there are other skills to help you cut the cost of air fares. I’m working on another post about that right now. Think mileage. Think credit cards. Think elite status. Learn from the pros!

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