No, really. At Alaska Air, it’s a-l-l about the miles

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OK. I’m LIVE from the Alaska Airlines Board Room in Anchorage. Headed down to Juneau. And it’s a LOVELY day to fly. For free.

Well, OK. Not TOTALLY for free. My mileage ticket costs about $5.00 in fees. And tickets to Mexico cost between $140 and $200 with all the international taxes and fees. But my Mileage Plan miles take care of the biggest chunk: the air fare.

I’m scanning the “awards calendar” at and I’m seeing some G-R-E-A-T destinations for just 25,000 miles. Which, by the way, is how many BONUS MILES you get when you sign up for a new Alaska Air Visa card.

For example:

Anchorage-San Diego: 25,000 miles in March, April and May

Anchorage-Barrow: 15,000 miles in March, April and May

Juneau-Phoenix: 25,000 miles in Mar/Apr/MayAnchorage-Seattle or Las Vegas: 25,000 miles in Mar/Apr/May

Fairbanks-Portland: 25,000 miles in Mar/Apr/May

Hey, we’re all hot-to-trot about Alaska Airlines’ great prices on summertime travel, but don’t forget to take full advantage of the Mileage Plan.

a. First, have you gotten your Alaska Airlines’ Visa card? It’s one of the easiest ways to earn bonus miles–at the rate of one mile for every dollar spent. You get a 25,000-mile bonus for getting the card (we have two of them). Additionally, you get the coach-class companion ticket for $99. Pro tip: both travelers earn full mileage when traveling with the companion pass! The card costs $75/year.

b. Triple mileage between Anchorage and Seattle all summer long. It’s part of the “Battle for Seattle”–and you’re the winner. That means 8,694 miles roundtrip on select flights between May 17 and Sept. 3, 2013 (flights 106, 108, 110, 111, 130, 141, and 146). You have to register in advance to get this bonus. DO IT NOW.

c. Double miles between Anchorage and Los Angeles/LAX, Seattle and Long Beach and Seattle and Boston. Folks–that’s a lot of miles. Again, the special bonus miles are available ONLY between May 17 and Sept. 3, 2013. You must register in advance. DO IT NOW. Below, a shot I took while climbing out of Anchorage. 

d. Flying to Dubai? Catch Emirates’ 777 nonstop from Seattle and earn bonus miles between now and April 30, 2013. Depending on which class you fly, you can earn between 2,500 bonus miles, up to triple miles. Again: register in advance.

If you’re not a Mileage Plan member, sign up HERE. NOW. Then, if you live in Alaska, sign up for CLUB 49 for two free bags (when traveling in or out of Alaska). Sign up HERE. NOW.




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