jetBlue and the Battle for Seattle

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Surely you, my erstwhile travel peeps, are following this story with the same enthusiasm that we once reserved for tracking Santa via NORAD, right? 6528478273_5fddf1d2cc_z

Witnesseth: the great new fares between Anchorage and Seattle starting May 16, 2013. jetBlue‘s single flight departs Anchorage at 12:35 a.m. each night starting May 17…through Sept. 3, 2013. When the low rates were announced–YOU WERE THE FIRST TO KNOW! Tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter (unless you want to keep all the BEST deals to yourself. But what’s the fun in that? HAHAHAHAHA). They started as low as $117 each way, but they’ve creeped up to $127 each way.

The new Anchorage-Seattle route is IN ADDITION TO jetBlue‘s daily Anchorage-Long Beach service, which also spools up on the evening of May 16, 2013. The rates? As low as $327 roundtrip, nonstop!

Plan now. Buy now. Then treat yourself to an eggnog latte over at Kaladi Bros. Coffee.  jetBlue likes Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I don’t. We just disagree on that. But these prices? That’s something ALL travelers can enjoy! Surf on over to and SAVE! 

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