Air Fare Alert: Anchorage-Seattle from $117 each way

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Fly jetBlue Anchorage-Seattle nonstop for as little as $117 each way ($119 from Seattle back up to Anchorage). Seats are available at for travel beginning May 16 (northbound from Seattle) and southbound starting at 12:35am on May 17, 2013.. A slightly higher rate, $127 each way ($129 one-way northbound from Seattle), is available through July and August, 2013.

Beginning May 17,2013, jetBlue‘s outbound flight #908 leaves Anchorage at 12:35 a.m. each evening. The return flight, jetBlue #907, returns to Anchorage each evening at 8:15p.m., arriving at 10:50p.m.

Purchase your tickets no later than Dec. 21, 2012 to take advantage of these introductory fares at

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