Win some Holiday travel gear from Magellan’s!

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Above, audio engineer Kirby Kauffman boards an Era Alaska plane with  a snappy backpack from Magellan’s Travel Store. The rest of the story? This Pac Safe bag has steel cables running through the straps to prevent cut-and-run thieves from grabbing your stuff. Oh–and it’s shielded against RFID readers–that can cyber-snoop their way into your passport and “NFC”-enabled credit cards.

How can you get in on the fun? We’ve picked some great gifts from Magellan’s–and we’re giving them away. DON’T BE BASHFUL–send in your answers by email! I’m sorry to break it to you….you won’t know the winners until AFTER New Year’s Eve.  Follow along:

1. The Tilley Hat. We Alaskans are a pasty lot–and the sun can HURT you. Cover your head with one of these air-flow hats–which also has a built-in sun block component (UPF 50+). TO win one, check Magellan’s site and tell me what color it is. Then, send me an email and I’ll draw a winner from the correct answers. Be sure and include your name, address and phone number.

2. The RFID wallets and Passport holders. These are great little security-related items for frequent travelers. Not only are they RFID-shielded (like the Pac Safe bags, above), but they’re well-made. The wallets are leather–and the passport holders fold over so you can wear them under your shirt, or slip your belt through them. Check ’em out here. To win one, just send me an email and tell me what “NFC” stands for. Fear not–the RFID (radio frequency identification) shielding protects against cyber-criminals who scan for this stuff. You just tell me what it stands for. I’ll draw from the correct answers. Again: names, address, phone number. EMAIL ME HERE.

Stay tuned for more prizes. In the meantime, check out Magellan’s site for all kinds of goodies for the traveler on your gift list. 

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