Anchorage-Minneapolis $405rt/Anchorage-Detroit $407rt NOW!

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UPDATE (June 15, 2012. 6:08AM): Fares have dropped a bit, to as low as $395rt…

Anchorage-Minneapolis as low as $405rt on United.

Anchorage-Detroit as low as $407rt on United.

I found some seats around Aug. 28, but the vast majority of the seats are in the fall/winter (excluding Christmas). JUMP ON THESE, since United is über-upset at Delta’s rate to Houston (which has gone up from $313rt to $402rt in one day).

Our friends at USTravel have all the details. How to get the best seats, the best flights–and all the extras: your rental car, your hotel and so forth.

Don’t forget about BAGGAGE FEES  on United. Or TAXES . Call now: (800)544-2217 or stop in at one of USTravel’s locations (click through for details).

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