Anchorage-Houston $313 roundtrip: LOTSA dates

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UPDATE: This fare has increased to $402rt. STILL a great deal, imho.

Did you miss out on yesterday’s great rate to Kona from Anchorage? Here’s another one for your traveling pleasure: Anchorage-Houston on Delta for as little as $313rt.

NOTE: I don’t normally clog up your inbox each day with deals like this. But this is an EPIC fare!

There are a few dates available in August (mostly at the end of the month). But in September, you can pick and choose from many dates. October, too. In fact–I found dates well into May 2013.

This is “Mileage Run” material, for those folks looking to beef up their miles on Delta. And, of course, you can earn Alaska Airlines miles with Delta flights as well.

Don’t dawdle. Things change quickly.

If you want a real pro to help you on this, check with my friends at USTravel. Here in Anchorage, the number is (907)561-2434. Toll-free: (800)544-2217. Or, stop in to one of their convenient locations in Kodiak, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Dutch Harbor, Seattle, Spokane….you know….all over. 

There’s a charge to write a ticket at USTravel($38). But they can get the right seat for you, the right flights, the right hotel, tours, activities, car rental….the works. They also will advise you about the true cost of your trip, including BAGGAGE FEES  and TAX BREAKDOWN on the air fare. Call USTravel today. Tell ’em I sent you.

Bon Voyage!

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