My new GCI iPhone 4S

In Alaska Travelgram, Consumer, Technology by scott

OK, I confess: I’m an Apple zealot. So, it’s easy to imagine me gushing over my new iPhone 4S from GCI. And honestly, it was a smooth transition from the Samsung Galaxy SII, especially since all my other hardware is Mac.

Now, my phone is my iPod. My phone also is my handy 8MP camera. And video-cam. Plus, I’ve been doing some Speedtests around Anchorage with the iPhone, checking out GCI’s service. In Midtown Anchorage, I clocked 6.79mbps down, 1.6mbps up. Pretty good for non-wi-fi speeds (near Lake Otis and Tudor, FYI).

Honestly, I’ve just used the notorious “Siri” a couple of times. My friends love her. I just love the sync-ability with all my other Apple hardware.

It’s one more reason GCI is the official technology provider for the Alaska Travelgram. Stop in to any GCI store and get your iPhone 4S today.

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