Condor nonstops Alaska-Germany: cheaper, faster, better. Uh-huh!

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For European service to and from Alaska, travelers have many choices. Almost all of the airlines fly there: Delta, United, USAir, Air Canada and American. But only one airline flies nonstop: Condor. Also, Condor is the only airline with the flying salt-and-pepper shakers (above). I swiped a couple. Still have them.

Condor German Airlines has operated from Anchorage for more than 10 years–and now flies four times each week to Frankfurt, on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Thursday’s flight stops in Fairbanks before heading over-the-top. We’ll get to that in a minute. Friendly staff (right and below, on our flight to Frankfurt).

In addition to being the fastest route (9.5 hours instead of 23 hours via the Lower 48), Condor’s flights also are less expensive. For example, travel from Anchorage to Frankfurt between June 16 and June 26 for $1,091 roundtrip, all in. Compare that with the least-expensive routing via the Lower 48 on USAirways: $1,814, via Phoenix and Philadelphia. I know–just think of the miles (ACK!).

The Fairbanks-Frankfurt nonstops start on Thu., June 21. Between July 5 and July 26, fly from Fairbanks to Frankfurt for $1,312 roundtrip. You fly nonstop on the way over, then through Anchorage on the way back. If you go to Condor’s website, you can scroll through the options, including flying Alaska Air from Fairbanks to Anchorage in both directions. But it’s DEFINITELY less expensive to fly on the nonstop. Compare that price with Delta’s least-expensive: $1,908 roundtrip via God-knows-where (OKOK–Minneapolis and Detroit).DE3

I know–you get the picture. It’s faster and cheaper to fly over-the-top this summer with Condor German Airlines. Oh, did I mention the lovely staff? Also available: Premium Economy (extra legroom) and Comfort Class (all the bells and whistles). For a chuckle, go ahead and compare Condor’s premium pricing with other carriers via the Lower 48: Anchorage-Frankfurt. 9.5 hours in Comfort Class on Condor for $3,041 (6/17-26). On Delta, 18 hours in Business Class: $5,862. I am not making this up.

Surf on over to Condor’s website for a little Cheaper/Faster/Better for your trip to Europe this summer. Tell ’em Scott sent you.

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