EXTENDED thru 12/5=Great deals on Alaska Air

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Check out these great deals on Alaska Airlines. I’m here in Seattle (at the Board Room), looking at all these planes on the tarmac. It’s nice of Alaska to offer up some sweetness for the Holiday Season….no?

Have a look at these screamer deals (below). And get ’em fast. for travel between Dec. 6, 2011 and Mar. 7, 2012 (excluding Christmas). Travel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….well, uh, any day but Friday and Sunday. Of course the planes still fly–it just costs more. You must purchase between now and Dec. 5, 2011. But don’t dawdle. And while these aren’t strictly “Club 49” deals, let’s all agree that you don’t have to call every shot. I like these deals. They’re hot….very “Club 49-y”. We’ll take ’em.

Anchorage-Seattle $416 rt all in
Anchorage-Portland $416rt all in
Anchorage-Chicago $416rt all in
Anchorage-Fairbanks $170rt all in
Anchorage-Juneau $212.50rt all in
Anchorage-Ketchikan $300rt all in

Fairbanks-Seattle $507rt all in
Fairbanks-Chicago $586rt all in

Juneau-Seattle $380rt all in
Juneau-Portland $402rt all in

Ketchikan-Seattle $330rt all in
Ketchikan-Portland $401rt all in

Don’t see your city here? Heavens–check it out yourself.  See you at the airport?

Oh–by the way, have you signed up for Club 49? If you live in Alaska, it should be your first order of business. Remember: two free checked bags. And weekly web specials. The “Travel Now” certificates are helpful for last-minute travel to take some of the sting off of those walk-up fares. I finally broke down and signed up the kids as well. Everybody should pile on this deal, imho.

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