Passports with Purpose. Live. Now. Give. Win prizes.

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Had a great time at the Passports with Purpose kickoff event last night at the Hotel 1000 here in Seattle. The movers and shakers behind this project orchestrate an incredible array of travel bloggers behind a single do-goody project each year. It’s fun–it’s fulfilling. Last year, the group raised more than $60,000 to build an entire village in India. The year before–it was a school in Cambodia. This year–it’s a library in Zambia. Really–it’s a cool project. 

The mechanism is unique as well. You can give money (let’s not forget that). But you also can buy chances to win specific prizes that we’ve all gathered up for the campaign. Hotel stays. Cruises. Goodies. TourSaver books (oh MY…who is offering THAT? HAHA). Check out the site. Read about the history. I’m thrilled to participate in the program for the fourth year in a row–and I encourage you to click, learn and GIVE.

Oh, the girls. Here’s a snap of the fabulous women behind the project: Meg Paynor, Debbie Dubrow, Beth Whitman, Michelle Duffy and Pam Mandel. They’re all self-effacing, saying “”Oh no, Y-O-U make it happen.” HAHA. They’re like that. Truth is many a scone and sweet roll have been devoured working on the minutia of this program–and a hearty HUZZAH is in order for this group of devoted organizers. So there.

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