Club 49 update from Alaska Air: Daily Double!

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Can I share a little story about Alaska Airlines’ Club 49 program? Y’know–it’s a work in progress. In addition to the two-bags-free provisions (Comin’ in handy this weekend!!!!), Alaska is sending out Web Specials each week.

So–like many of you–I’m sitting on the edge of my seat each Tuesday morning to get the email. In my “Insider” newsletter, I read about great deals to San Diego from Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks! YEAH! San Diego is an EXPENSIVE destination.

When I clicked through, only Orange County deals popped up. It turns out the airport code for Orange County is SNA…and San Diego is SAN. Honest mistake, I suppose. So I sent a note to see which was it: Orange County or San Diego?? Secretly praying, of course, that it was San Diego…

But Alaska decided they would offer the good deal to BOTH destinations. That’s great!

Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays between Jan. 10 and Jan. 28, 2012 to get these deals:

Anchorage-Orange County $495rt all in
Anchorage-San Diego $495rt all in

Juneau-Orange County $490rt all in
Juneau-San Diego $490rt all in

Fairbanks-Orange County $537rt all in
Fairbanks-San Diego $537rt all in

Admit it: San Diego and all of Southern California sounds good right about now, doesn’t it? Remember, you have to purchase your tickets by tomorrow night (Thursday/Turkey Day).

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