Check it: USTravel’s All-New Low Fare Roundup

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Pay attention to these great air fare deals from USTravel. Now that the 787 is flying, we can all DREAM of when we’ll get on board. United/Continental has a bunch of these plastic high-tech birds on order (above). Call USTravel now at (800)544-2217 and lock in these low rates:

Anchorage-Long Beach $336 (via Phoenix)
Anchorage-LAX $404 (USAir)
Anchorage-Miami $512 (United)
Anchorage-Denver $426 (USAir)
Anchorage-Boston $456 (USAir)

…MORE! Note: USAir, Continental and United all are part of the “Star Alliance”. So, when you fly on one of the carriers, you earn miles redeemable on all of the others, including Lufthansa and Singapore Airways…among others.

Remember, have your USTravel agent make your hotel and car rental reservations when they’re working on your air reservations.  Call (800)544 2217 for a real, live travel agent who can FIND the seats and SAVE you real money. Click here for USTravel’s locations all over Alaska and Washington. 

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