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Count on USTravel to keep a sharp eye on air fares. Between now and Oct. 10, there are plenty of bargains. But how about after that? We’ve done a quick check on some popular destinations. If you don’t see your city–give them a call (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.

All fares listed are roundtrip, all-in (inclusive of all taxes and fees. USTravel charges an add’l $38 ticketing fee.)

Between Anchorage and
a. New Orleans $320rt all in through 10/10
b. Los Angeles Int’l (LAX) $336 into 2012!!
c. Denver $294 through 10/10
d. Washington, DC $507 into 2012!!
e. Chicago $448 into 2012
f. Honolulu $394 through Nov. 9, 2011

g. Anchorage-Seattle $435rt on Delta via Salt Lake into 2012
h. Anchorage-Minneapolis $414 on Alaska into 2012

While you’re on the phone to your agent, have them take care of your car rental and hotel at the same time. Call them in Anchorage at (907)561-2434 or click through for locations throughout Alaska and Washington!

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