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I’ve been using the new “4G” Samsung Galaxy S II all week. It’s suh-weet. Posted a Facebook video FROM THE FIELD with 4mbps down/1 up. These are v-e-r-y fast speeds for Anchorage. Oh–it’s got an 8mp camera for GREAT pics. Very nice.

This morning, it’s off to Juneau to test the speeds and coverage there–then off to Ketchikan, where my spies indicate the 4g is not active. But the new Samsung phone is “reverse engineered” to handle 3G as well. Take a look at the coverage map (below). Already in Ketchikan, we were able to do some “video chats” using Google’s new “Hangout” feature.

I’m very interested to see how the phone performs roaming in the Lower 48. Already, I like it. You can tether your laptop to the phone (even I can do it), so no MiFi card is required. I have my entire Google Music library on the phone–honestly, I’m still learning about all the bells and whistles.

Get the phone for $99.95 at a GCI store near you. I picked a mid-range data plan (no “unlimited” with the new 4G phones).

Here’s a map of the new coverage area.

GCI is the official technology partner here at the Alaska Travelgram. And here’s what’s hot-n-happenin’ on the techno-front for travelers:

a. Get 10,000 Alaska Air miles when you sign up or renew your unlimited wireless plan.
b. Sign up for the new 4G service with the Samsung Galaxy S II.
c. Prepaid 3G. No contract, no commitments. For as little as $25/month, you can get unlimited network-wide talk and nationwide long distance.

Of course, GCI offers more than just wireless smartphones. Local phone service. Cable TV. Internet (FAST internet, btw). It’s all part of the package of the It’s just that I’m fascinated by the developments on the mobile front, particularly the 4G launch in Anchorage. Hold on to your hats! Go online or visit a GCI store today!

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