It’s a great day for a Kenai Fjords cruise!

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Above, the Aialik Voyager on a cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park.

Sail into Kenai Fjords National Park between now and Sept. 25, 2011. Before you go, though, it’s worthwhile to check the weather. I just got off the phone with Dan McDonald at Kenai Fjords’ Seward office. They have the latest weather and can advise whether it’s wise to set sail–given the blustery nature of the past couple of days!! CALL (877)777-4051.

It could be a perfect day for a National Park cruise from Kenai Fjords Tours ! The Aialik Voyager is a “fast cat” that zips from Seward’s small boat harbor through Resurrection Bay, around Aialik Point, through the Chiswell Islands and up to the face of Aialik Glacier.

Keep an eye out for sea lions, whales, puffins, eagles–maybe even a mountain goat on shore! Of course, there’s plenty of big ice, too. Bring your hat and mittens–the wind off that ice is c-o-l-d-!

Sail between now and Sept. 25, 2011. SPECIAL: When you book online for the National Park Cruise, you receive free admission to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage.

For reservations, go online or call toll-free: (877)777-4051.




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