From Austin to Boston–it’s a low fare roundup

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Let’s take a look at the lowest fares–and what they mean for travelers. Thanks to our friends at USTravel for the 4-1-1 on the low fares. Call Kelly Jo or one of the fine professionals here in Anchorage: (907)561-2434. Or, check the website for the location nearest you. Ketchikan, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks….Seattle. You know….everywhere. HA.

Coupla things: not all fares are created equal. I grabbed what I think are the lowest, best rates. But you may want a more direct routing, a different date–or stick with your preferred carrier. Fine–it’s amazing what money will buy! Your USTravel agent can drill down and get the right answer for you…there is a $38 ticketing fee. Folks–it’s all fee-for-service these days.

Most of the low rates are for travel between now and Oct. 10. After that–well, I can’t think about it. HA.

All fares are roundtrip, including all taxes and fees. Check with your USTravel agent for hotel and car reservations.  I’ve grouped these cities in my own random order….hope this helps. Oh–check out the photo (below) of “McDuff” , one of the U.S. Marshalls’ Service’s detection dogs. He shared the First Class cabin on a recent Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage. Great company, too. Good news: no incidents with passengers or cabin baggage on Alaska #89.

Between Anchorage and:
San Francisco $376 on Alaska
San Jose $374 on Alaska
Oakland $374 on Alaska
Sacramento $376 on Alaska (these are AWESOME fares, btw

Between Anchorage and:
Monterey $376 on USAir
Fresno $355 on Alaska
Santa Barbara $355 on Alaska

L.A. Basin
Between Anchorage and:
L.A. Int’l (LAX) $316 on Delta
Long Beach $294 on jetBlue (thru 9/6/2011 only)
Ontario $336 on Alaska
Burbank $336 on Alaska
Orange County (SNA) 316 on USAir
Palm Springs $356 on Alaska

Between Anchorage and:
Las Vegas $396 on USAir
Salt Lake City $424 on Frontier
Phoenix $432 on Frontier
Tucson $432 on Frontier
Denver $294 on Frontier
Des Moines $479 on USAir

Between Anchorage and:
Honolulu $394 on Alaska

Between Anchorage and:
Dallas $411 on USAir
Austin $446 on Frontier
New Orleans $320 on Continental (EPIC!!)
Alexandria, LA $340 on Continental
Monroe, LA $333 on Continental
Lafayette, LA $340 on Continental

Central Time Zone
Between Anchorage and:
Minneapolis $415 on Frontier
Chicago $386 on USAir/Alaska

East Coast
Between Anchorage and:
Washington, DC $416 on USAir
New York City $460 on Delta
Hartford, CT $436 on Delta
Boston $456 on USAir

Between Anchorage and:
Ft. Lauderdale $324 on Frontier (no–REALLY! I BOOKED IT. THIS IS A REAL FARE!!!!!)
Orlando $496 on USAir

Remember–most (not all) of these rates are good through Oct. 10, 2011. Go nutty. Send me a post card!!

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