Free cell phones from GCI

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Yup. There’s a value proposition: free cell phones from GCI when you get a new two-year contract, or renew your contract for two years. Smartphones aren’t included in the giveaway. But while you’re there, you should check out the new HTC Desire. That’s the phone I have–and I really <heart> it. The touchscreen keyboard is big enough for my fat fingers. And the type is big enough so I can actually READ the stuff on the screen. Massive improvements!

Oh–sign up for a 2011 Ford Fiesta from Cal Worthington Ford.

The free phone deal is valid for this weekend only, Nov. 25-27, 2010. There are more, many more, goodies available for the plugged-in traveler at your nearby GCI store in Alaska. Here’s a LINK to store locations. My favorite: the mi-fi. It turns your laptop into a portable hot-spot for up to five devices. VERY handy when you’re traveling.

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