Yoga makes me a better traveler

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That’s especially true now with the TSA’s new “enhanced pat downs”. Lately, it seems like every day brings more opportunities for travelers to stress out. Yoga helps. Breathing. Flexibility. Well-being.

Anchorage Yoga just introduced a gob of new classes. I went to a class yesterday at 8:00pm. Yup–workin’ the late shift. There’s a new “Power Hour” class from 6-7:00am , too.

If you are new to yoga, get a one-month pass for just $67. That’s a great deal. Owners Josh and Katy have a really nice studio near the corner of 36th and Arctic. I like Rick’s “Bikram Yoga” classes, but check the schedule for “deep stretch”, “hot flow” or a number of other variations.

The studio features dressing rooms and showers–that’s a real blessing after a 90-minute routine in a hot room!

The next time you’re traveling and you see a traveler just gliding along above the fray, chances are good they’re a fan of Anchorage Yoga. ! I am!

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