Free phones from GCI

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Okay, I love my HTC Desire from GCI. Honestly, it makes me smarter. All my Google Calendar alerts, all my Gmail contacts–everything comes through nice-n-fast. Update my Facebook page. Check. Photos. Check. Video. Check.  Scan the Bar Code. Check.

One of the specials now available at GCI is free phones for partners. So, I picked up a phone for one of the kids. They can be a “partner” on your phone plan for as little as $10/month. To be a partner on my nationwide unlimited plan, it’s $50/month. Oh, they don’t need a smarty-pants phone (smartphones not included in this promo). They’re clever enough already!

But the phone itself was free. Well–you know–no additional charge, as long as I signed the new 2-year contract (I did).

So, you can get up to four additional lines at $10/month each. I added unlimited text-messaging for an additional $6/month.

Visit the website or your nearby Alaska GCI store. Get everybody wired up! Offer ends Nov. 12, 2010.

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