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Driving through the south of France, we’re doing our best to avoid the animals in the road and the rich desserts after dinner! So far, we haven’t hit any sheep, but I’ve yet to see a tart or a dessert that I didn’t LOVE! Above, Scott and Christy enjoy an anniversary lunch in Roussillon, France. Below, we’re standing on the bridge over the Rhone River in Avignon, France.
As many of you know, there are more moving parts involved with international travel. Let’s review:
a. Euro-phone. Your mobile phone may work over in Europe. It may not. Mine didn’t. But all of GCI’s phones are “unlocked”, so I got a new local France SIM card from to get local service. MUCH less expensive than international roaming charges. For other calls, I use SKYPE.
b. Euro-dough. You cannot have too much! That said, you need less this week than you did last week because of the dollar’s improving exchange rate against the Euro.Get some foreign currency to take with you at Wells Fargo‘s office in the Fifth Avenue Mall. Then, take your debit card and credit card with you. Be sure and tell your bank that you are traveling so they do not “fraud-protect” your card, making it impossible to use overseas.
c. Euro-gear. Whether it’s the oh-so-essential power converters for your computer and hair dryer, or the specialty clothing for hiking, in flight comfort items or luggage, check out for all your travel gear.
d. Euro-Express. That would be Condor. Non-stop flights from Anchorage to Frankfurt and Fairbanks to Frankfurt. Sweet.
e. Euro-documents. Yes, you need a passport. I also recommend a fully-charged iPod and Bose noice-canceling headphones for the journey.
f. Euro-car. We found Autoeurope to be the best choice. Make reservations before you leave the U.S. These folks work with all the major operators to find you the best rate.
g. Francophile. Paris junkie? Check out Karen Fawcett’s all-inclusive site, for events, deals, accommodations, even airport pick-up and drop-off services from .

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