Goin’ mobile with GCI

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Here’s my GCI checklist for my next roadtrip:
a. 3G Xtreme Mobility Internet card (plugs into my USB port for fast internet on the go).
b. Hands-free earphones/mic for driving
c. My “Hero” Android phone.
d. Charger, charger, charger!!
Part of GCI‘s appeal is the whole “unlimited” deal for my wireless smart phone. I opted for the Unlimited nationwide plan. That means no roaming fees and calls are included within the 50 states. The cost is $70 per month, plus $30 per month for the smartphone data package. Unlimited texting is an extra $6/mo. And, with my smartphone package, unlimited internet browsing.
The kids like it because I can add “partner lines” for just $50/month.
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