Love my (Avis) Camry

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After renting Camrys from Avis all over Alaska, I finally broke down and bought one. Actually, it’s our second Camry. We’re officially a two-Camry family. At left–picking up a Camry at  Juneau airport(note Heritage Coffee on the roof!).
Really, though. Avis has littered the state with these…uh…rather boring cars. HA. I’ve rented them in Kodiak, Kenai, Juneau, Fairbanks, Sitka…even here in Anchorage.
I did a little research before buying my 2007 4cyl. “LE” model. I went and asked the shop people which cars they like the best. They said “anything that says Toyota or Honda is good”. These are folks who spend all day and all night fiddling with cars that are rented out by the day, week, month, etc.
Avis Trivia: The Avis shop here in Alaska is 55 years old (same as me). I think it’s high time for a mid-life crisis. I have it on good authority that there will be some birthday fireworks later on this summer. We’ll be watching.
I’ve only done one mod since I picked up my new steed. Since mine is a red car, I thought I’d spice it up with a little Alaska Love. Picked up this kewl sticker over at Dos Manos Gallery–across from Title Wave Books on Northern Lights Blvd. So–whether I’m renting or buying from Avis in Alaska…love my Camry!

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