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We had a fun time with the Era Alaska folks on the Alaska Travelgram radio show (each Tue., 2-3 pm on KUDO, 1080AM) this afternoon. Mike LeNorman and Lori Goodman stopped by to sit in the studio with “Gal Radio” herself, Mindy O’Neall. I called in from Seattle, talking about “My Suite Life” at the Homewood Suites.
But my feet got itchy to get back to Alaska when I heard about Lance Mackey winning the Iditarod (again) and the ski reports.
Use these spring days to get out and see more of Alaska. On the radio show, Mike LeNorman really prompted folks to see some of the far-flung areas of the state–particularly when Era has great web specials like these:
Anchorage-Kodiak   $279RT
Anchorage-Kenai    $149RT
Anchorage-Homer    $179RT
Anchorage-Valdez   $199RT
Anchorage-Fairbanks $219RT
Anchorage-Barrow   $369RT
Anchorage-Aniak    $299RT
Anchorage-Bethel   $339RT
Anchorage-Cordova  $229RT
Fairbanks-Barrow   $369RT
These web special fares are available at www.flyera.com between Mar. 18-22. 2010 only.

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