USTravel digs up great air fares!

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Our friends at USTravel are digging up some great air fares for travel to/from Alaska!

Of course, your travel experience is more than just air fare! Ask your USTravel professional for a great deal on hotels and rental cars, too. Or cruises! Wow–there are some great deals out there.

Most important: let your USTravel agent find the best deal for you–and fit it to your trip. The right connections. The right itinerary. Plus, the local knowledge to make sure it’s the best fit.

Whether it’s a train trip across Canada, a Cancun vacation or a beach getaway in Hawaii, your USTravel agent works with airlines, hotels and rental agencies to get it right for you–the first time.

Here are a few fares that jumped out at me.

Anchorage-Chicago: $464rt
Anchorage-Denver: 395rt
Anchorage-Minneapolis: $395rt
Anchorage-New York $479rt
Anchorage-Salt Lake: $483rt
Anchorage-San Francisco $476rt
Anchorage-Wash. DC $489rt
…and my favorite:
Anchorage-Frankfurt: $709rt on Condor!

Call (907)561-2434 in Anchorage, or toll-free: (800)544-2217.

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