Eat Fresh for 99 cents in Bird, Alaska with SUBWAY

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Guess where I had dinner last night? Subway. The night before? Subway. This week, I’m in Ketchikan checking out all the activities. There are a couple of Subway stores here–and I’ve tried them both.Essential

But for a real deal, head south of Anchorage about 20 miles to the “Essential Gas” station in Bird. Subway is in the same building. That’s right–BIRD. It’s a glorious community, close to Bird Creek–where all those silver salmon continue to clog the stream!
Buy a regular  FOOTLONG sub at menu price and receive an additional sub of equal or lesser price for only 99 cents! Not valid with any other offers or discount cards. Not valid for double meat, extra cheese, bacon or any other extras. For a limited time only. Valid at Bird Creek location only. No substitutions allowed.

I’m a creature of habit at Subway. I get the SAME thing every time: 12-inch  Club Sandwich on Italian Herb and Cheese bread. Swiss or Provolone cheese. Toast that puppy! Add lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, olives, onions, banana peppers. Throw on a dash of oil and vinegar, plus some salt and pepper. Club
And we’re off! Stop in and get a GREAT deal on a sandwich as you’re driving by the ESSENTIAL GAS station in Bird. Mention the Alaska Travelgram. Tell them Scott sent you!

So, the smart way to do it is to bring along a friend to buy the first Footlong Sub at regular price, then get YOURS for 99 cents! Yum! Eat Fresh! Subway!

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