Great air fares from USTravel

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Have you seen the great air fares coming from USTravel lately?

a. Anchorage-Palm Springs: $474rt with free stop in Seattle (compare to ANC-SEA-ANC for $530rt)

b. Anchorage-Santa Barbara: $474rt with free stop in Seattle (compare to ANC-LAX-ANC for more than $700!!)

c. Anchorage-New York for $477rt

d. Anchorage-Hartford, CT for $474rt

e. Anchorage-Denver: $399rt with free stop in Seattle

f. Anchorage-Frankfurt: as low as $659rt in MAY!

(Note: Karen had a great fare from Anchorage to Nashville for less than $350–but it’s GONE now.)

How about the great cruise prices?


a. Alaska Cruise: 7 nights on Princess, from $399 per person!

b. Caribbean Cruise: 7 nights on Royal Caribbean from $499 person

c. Mexican Riviera: 7 nights on Carnival from $459 per person

d. Mediterranean: 7 nights on Norwegian from $500 per person

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