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Lois Pryor and her husband Charles had a great time riding the Alaska Railroad this winter. One of the folks who narrated the trip from Fairbanks back to Anchorage, Steve Culver, made quite an impression:

“Dear Steve Culver,

“Recently we returned to Alaska for a winter experience. For Charles’ retirement/Christmas our three children gave us the Aurora package from Anchorage to Chena Hot Springs. We flew into Fairbanks then traveled out to Chena Hot Springs midweek and returned to Fairbanks on Saturday. Online, we learned the train traveled back to Anchorage on Sunday. 


“Thank you, Steve, for making this rail trip the highlight of our visit! “Your commentary made it perfect because you shared highlights along the way.  Your tips for photography made our trip memorable. It was an adventure we can easily share with our friends.  We saw and photographed Mt. McKinley for miles.  The tidbits of history and geography along the way were helpful as we “experienced” the growth and development of this vast, beautiful state.

 “Many people believe they have really “seen” Alaska by taking a cruise. We took a cruise from Seward to Vancouver in 2002 and we saw many  things you can’t see by car.  But there’s so much of Alaska to experience Alaska by rail and car. 

“We enjoyed meeting people and seeing life along the railroad – for many, it’s the only way to reach their homes! Viewing wildlife, coal mining fields, rivers and streams on both sides and really learning what life is like–we learned so much from your pictures and commentary! 

“I hope this service continues year round, both to meet the needs of the local people and for travelers. Your rail service made it possible to bring photographers to Shannon Cartwright’s home and pick them up the next day after assisting her with photographs for her biography. The train picked up a family to attend a birthday celebration in Anchorage. And you provided a Sunday newspaper at the end the lane for isolated residents.  I took a photo of Shannon during our brief stop and plan to attach it to one of her children’s books I bought.  Hopefully when my grandchildren read this book and can see her picture with her Husky and sled, they might want to visit your state and be able to repeat our adventure.

“Thank you again for the most wonderful day of our winter trip.”

–Charles and Lois Pryor,  Farmerville, Louisiana

Wow! I guess we’d better get on that winter train to Fairbanks! Thanks, Steve, for being a true Alaska Evangelist!

Editor’s note: Just received this image from the Pryors–thought I would share with the class:


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