Anchorage-London $695rt A.I. Wow.

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Laura Savage scrapes the best air fares each week for us.

Anchorage-LONDON $695rt A.I. on Northwest!! (A.I.= “all in”, including taxes, fees)

Here are some of the best deals, which INCLUDE all taxes and fees. USTravel‘s ticketing fee of $38 is additional, but it’s worth it. They’ll find you the best flights, at the best rates. Ask them to arrange your car and hotel, too.

Anchorage-CHICAGO 601rt on Alaska

Anchorage-DALLAS 588rt on NW

Anchorage-DENVER 489rt on DL

Anchorage-HONOLULU 531rt on NW

Anchorage-HOUSTON  578rt on CO

Anchorage-KANSAS CITY  572rt on US

Anchorage-MINNEAPOLIS 595rt on DL

Anchorage-NEW YORK 477rt on NW (K-i-l-l-e-r fare!!)

Anchorage-PORTLAND 530rt on AS

Anchorage-SALT LAKE 505rt on DL

Anchorage-SAN DIEGO 558rt on DL

Anchorage-SAN FRANCISCO 567rt  on DL

Anchorage-SEATTLE 456rt on AS

Anchorage-WASH D.C 511rt on NW


Anchorage-BETHEL 304rt on Era Aviation

Anchorage-CORDOVA 260rt on Alaska Air

Anchorage-FAIRBANKS 208rt on Alaska Air

Anchorage-JUNEAU 276rt  on Alaska Air

Anchorage-KODIAK 278rt on Era Aviation


Anchorage-FRANKFURT $853rt on Continental

Call USTravel at (800)544-2217.

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