Alaska-grade skin care by “Janet”

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Okay. I’m not a big skin-care fan. But my wife and the kids really appreciate the lotions and potions that Janet Shafsky manufactures.

Called “Impressions by Janet”, Shafsky makes shampoos, moisturizing cream, lipstick, facial sponges, night creme and a host of other goodies. 

The girls love it.

She’s having a little sale. Visit her website:

In the Skin Care section, she’s offering $5 off Ididacreme. This is the heavy-duty wilderness-grade moisturizer that musher DeeDee Jonrowe uses when she runs the 1,049 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race between Anchorage and Nome.

Then there’s $5 off “Polar Lip Therapy”, plus you can receive a Free Jonrowe Blue Liquid Liner with any $25 Cosmetics purchase.Janet’s website is pretty cool–and you can order all the stuff online.


Still, I prefer to give it away. I stopped by Janet’s place earlier today to pick up a couple of sample packs for our readers. That’s YOU!

These sample packs include all sorts of goodies, including:

a. Daily Exfoliant

b. Hydrating Mist

c. Shampoo

d. Orange cleanser

e. Facial toner

f. Moisturizer

g. Night creme…and more!

Plus, the sample packs fit into a clear, plastic bag that is TSA-compliant.


It’s the perfect travel package for a person on the go!


 Do you want to win a free sample pack?

 Here’s how to win:

a. Go to Janet’s website. Tell me the “real” name of her business. This is not a trick question!

b. Send me an email at: [email protected]

c. Your entry must include: the right answer, your name, address and phone number.Janet’s special potions will help you stay hydrated on your trip to Alaska!potions.jpg

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