Plane art

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I love the way airlines paint planes–and how they dress up the inside. Here are a couple of shots I like. One reader, T.S., took a couple of shots of Era Aviation’s refurbished Dash 8. Note the red leather seats! 


7h-interior.jpgAnd check out the new exterior paint job here:n889ea-full-right1.jpgAlaska Airlines’ representatives Steve Carlisle (left), Scott Habberstadt (center) and Amanda Tobin Bielawski (right) help me ham in up inside a retrofitted 737-400 combi aircraft (below). Again–nice leather seats and big fat overhead bins. B-i-g improvement over the old 737-200 planes. These new planes feature a fixed bulkhead mid-cabin with cargo in front and about 77 passenger seats in the rear.as737-q.jpgAs part of the airline’s 75th birthday party, Alaska Airlines painted one of their 737s in “retro” colors. Cool.

retro-liner.jpg Below is the interior of Alaska’s retro “Starliner” 737-800. There’s a timeline of the airline on the outside of the storage bin. But here’s what I like: the folding headrests. Look closely: you can fold the edges of the headrests up to sort of cup your head. Great anti-drool mechanism. Your neighbor in the center seat will appreciate it. HA. starliner-interior.jpg

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