“Flair” to fly Anchorage-Vancouver, from $67 one-way

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“Flair” is a Canadian airline that will operate nonstop flights to Anchorage this summer

Canadian discount carrier “Flair” will begin nonstop service from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage beginning May 19, 2022.

Like other discounters (Allegiant, Frontier, Sun Country), Flair’s base fare ($65 one-way) is just the beginning step in buying your ticket. Carry-on bags, checked luggage, pre-reserved seats and other stuff are add-ons.

Just to try it out, I added a “bundle” of add-ons. That included a personal item, a carry-on bag and one checked bag.

After picking the bundle, then I chose a pre-reserved seat. They’re available for as little as $15. I picked one with extra legroom for $35.

So when it was time to check out, the total was a little more:

Based on today’s exchange rate, the ticket (with the extras), would cost $146 US. Compare that with Air Canada’s nonstop flight: $205 one-way, plus fees of $86 for checked bag, seat assignment, etc. Total = $291 o/w. So, Flair still is a deal , even with all the add-ons. But it’s almost impossible to fly there for the $67 one-way price!

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